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Our Preferred Vendors


A wedding photography and videography team to capture your special day!

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To Make Your Dance Party, a Party to Remember


Let us cater to you!

Large or Small, we handle it all!

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A unique and intimate tiny home ready to

host your honeymoon night.

A Caterer To Fit Your Needs

A Baker To Make a Sweet Day Even Sweeter

Making Cocktails

To ensure there's a PARTAYYY


To Make Sure You Dress to Impress

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To Help Your Wedding Day Blossom

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Want to stay on property at Sowell Farms? This is the perfect place for you!


The perfect accommodation for your wedding night or even out of town guests.


Located near Sowell Farms, this airbnb is a great location for out of town guests to stay!

Screen Shot 2023-02-27 at 10.15.11 AM.png

To ensure there's a PARTAYYY

To Give You the Dress of Your Dreams


To Give the Groom All the Rights to Look Sharp

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